Pura Naturals Ever-Fresh Cleaning Sponges

  • $17.95

Brand: Pura Naturals

Color: Soap


  • STINK FREE GUARANTEE. Are you cleaning with germy, smelly sponges or cloths? Eww! "The moist nooks & crannies of a wet sponge are a hotbed for germs & probably the most contaminated place in your house." -Dr. Oz Show. Pura's solved the germy, stinky sponge problem. New innovation! Pura sponges repel bacteria & germs. NO NEED TO SANITIZE OUR SPONGES IN DISHWASHER OR MICROWAVE. They refuse to sour & mildew & STAY FRESH & ODOR FREE for 30 days, or your money back!
  • UNIQUE SOAP INFUSED SPONGES & LEAF SHAPES. Pura's 6-pack SOAP INFUSED sponges contain 3 rectangular sponges & 3 leaf shape sponges. The leaf sponges are ergonomically designed for hand comfort. The pointed end easily reaches into glasses, corners & tight areas. Botanical soap chunks are infused in sponges. Our soap blast last 48 HOURS or more, depending on usage. Wet & squeeze for lather. THESE STURDY SPONGES STILL WORK GREAT LONG AFTER THE SOAP RUNS OUT.
  • PURA SPONGES - SAFE FOR YOU & THE PLANET. Our green cleaning sponges use renewable resources, biodegradable soap, saves landfills, are vegan, pH neutral, EPA approved: safe for land & waterways & has a negative carbon footprint. So safe that Pura's factory workers don't need the protective gear that our competitors' factory workers use. NO: Plastics, GMOs, gluten, petroleum by-products, parabens, BPA, chemicals, synthetics or artificial colors & fragrances found in other brands.
  • IT CLEANS CRAZY EFFECTIVELY. Our innovative sponges lift dirt, grease & grime like a magic eraser... sucks it up! Dries quickly. The no scratch scrubber side is made from walnut shells. Because Pura sponges repel water to inhibit bacteria, they're not made to absorb water spills. Our strong sponges do grab grease, oils, fats, & chemicals. Super for kitchens, dishes, plastics, refrigerators, stainless steel, baked messes, glasses, bathrooms, garages, grills... perfect for 1000's of cleaning jobs.
  • TAKE THE PURA SPONGE CHALLENGE. Compare our sponges to: 3M Scotch Brite non scratch, O-Cedar, OXO, Dobie, Skoy, Full Circle, George Foreman Grill Sponge, Lysol, Ocelo Sponges, Shark Tank Scrub Daddy, Microfiber, dish cloths, cellulose & PVA sponges. Our heavy duty, stay soft, natural sponges repel bacteria & don't stink. GUARANTEED! 40x more durable than competition. Environmentally friendly. Plant-based, renewable resources with no petroleum by-products, adhesives, glues, chemicals or toxins.

Details: What's the #1 source of germs in your house?

It's your common kitchen sponge! Ewww!

Bacteria per square inch: Dish towel=408, toilet seat=205, household sponge=134,630. There are 76 million U.S. bacteria illnesses each year. (Source WebMD)

Pura Naturals is NOT your ordinary sponge. Not even close! We help the planet, plus over deliver on everything:

-No mildew smell
-Resistant to bacteria & mildew
-Made from plant-based/renewable resources
-Walnut shell scrapers pressed into sponge without glues
-Highly chemical resistant
-Lasts longer: 25x stronger than leading household sponge (UL Testing)
-pH neutral
-100% natural
-Ergonomic- Designed for hand comfort
-Easier to hold
-Pointed leaf shape for hard to reach areas
-Dries quickly. Soft, unlike competitors dried cardboard look
-Our manufacturing process removes carbon from the atmosphere, so consumers offset their carbon footprint with each purchase.
-Cruelty free
-Handmade in the USA

-NO Petroleum
-NO Gluten
-NO Latex
-NO Artificial colors & fragrances
-NO Petrochemicals
-NO Parabens
-NO Phthalates
-NO Synthetics
-NO Toxins
-NO Adhesives
-NO Glues
-NO Animal products (vegan-friendly)
-NO Animal testing (cruelty-free)
-NO Synthetics

Doesn't your family deserve a sponge that does the job while keeping your environment & family safe?

HOW TO USE Activate your Pura sponge with water & squeezes. When done rinse & air dry.


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